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Different Types of Construction Accidents

Working construction is one of the most dangerous common jobs in the United States. Construction companies go to great lengths to keep their team members healthy and safe by adhering to OSHA regulations of safety. Unfortunately, construction accidents occur on a daily basis on jobsites across the country. It is important to know the different… Read more

Common Mistakes when Reporting a Workplace Injury

If you are hurt in a workplace accident or have been diagnosed with an illness related to your line of work you may be entitled to compensation and restitution from your employer. The steps you make in the first few days of discovering your ailment will affect the outcome of your workplace injury claim. Here… Read more

Can the Passenger in a Car Accident File a Insurance Claim?

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you know how stressful it can be. The situation becomes even worse when you’ve suffered an injury due to the accident, whether the injury is serious or minor. If you were injured in an accident as the passenger at the time, you may be wondering if you… Read more

Establishing Damages in a Texas Trucking Accident

When dealing with trucking accidents, it is important to remember that they are much more complicated than regular car accidents. For one thing, trucking accidents typically involve more victims than car accident. It can also be difficult to find who is at fault in a trucking accident depending on if the truck was owned by… Read more

What Does a Claimable Work Injury Entail?

If you have recently been injured while at work, you may be wondering if the injury will be covered by your worker’s compensation policy. Here are the basics on what is and what is not a claimable workplace injury. Injuries Not Covered with Workers Comp In general, if your injury was able to be treated… Read more

OSHA Releases New Confined Spaces Rule

Workers who operate their jobs in confined spaces know how dangerous it can be. While not all of us are put under those conditions, it’s not hard to understand why they can be so dangerous. OSHA mandates all kinds of rules to keep workers in all environments as safe as possible. While there already are… Read more

What’s the Process of a Slip and Fall Case in Texas?

It can be devastating to be caught up in a slip and fall case. It can happen to anyone: slipping on a freshly mopped floor where there are no caution signs, tripping on uneven sidewalk outside of a business, or falling down a step where there was no indication a step was coming up. If… Read more

How Can I Contest My Parking Ticket in San Antonio?

Getting a parking ticket is never fun. It’s made even worse if you weren’t completely in the wrong. In San Antonio, there are a couple of ways you can contest your parking ticket if you have evidence the offense was not committed. First, you must make sure your parking ticket case has been created within… Read more

Texas Dog Bite Facts and Information

Any dog owner in the state of Texas or victim of a dog bite in this state should be aware of the legal status of dog bite cases in Texas. The first, key fact, is that Texas does not have a dog bite statute. Many other states have preset parameters that cover the dog owner’s… Read more

Workers’ Compensation: An Eight Year Battle for One Man

When you get injured on the job, you expect the company you work for to step up and take care of the problem. Many injured Texas workers rely on worker’s compensation to cover their medical bills and lost wages until they are healed and able to work again. However, some companies do not provide worker’s… Read more