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Traffic Accidents on the Rise in San Antonio

The roadways in San Antonio are steadily growing more dangerous each year, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. The total number of auto accidents in our city has gone up by about 3,000 crashes per year since 2011. In 2014, there were 37,382 accidents in San Antonio, and 149 people died as a result… Read more

Feds Focused on Ending Illegal Debt Collection Practices

Debt is an issue that plagues a huge number of Americans; nearly 30 million of us have an account in collections. Another issue that plagues Americans are shady debt collectors who rely on questionable or illegal methods for recovering debt. Because of this wide spread problem, The Federal Trade Commission has joined forces with other… Read more

An Accident Can Happen at Any Time- Tragic DWI Crash in Arlington

It’s sad but true: regardless of how safe of a driver you are, anytime you get into a vehicle, your life is at risk because of the choices of other drivers. Drivers who choose to make negligent choices while behind the wheel often hurt innocent victims. Whether the distracted driver is texting, using a cell… Read more

Road Rage Common, Yet Unrecognized in San Antonio

Driving can be a stressful experience. Sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, witnessing other cars driving recklessly, being forced to drive defensively around negligent drivers, narrowly avoiding a collision… these things cause our stress levels to rise and often trigger angry reactions. But add those factors to someone who is already dealing with personal problems,… Read more

Dog Attacks Remain a Big Problem for San Antonio

Stray dogs are a citywide nuisance that affect some areas of San Antonio more than others. The term “stray” is not entirely accurate; most of the dogs roaming our neighborhoods actually have homes, but their owners either don’t keep them properly contained or simply let the dogs wander freely. This is a problem, for both… Read more

Driver “Doesn’t Care” That he Crashed Into Passing Motorcycle

In beautiful (and traffic congested) San Antonio, many people enjoy traveling by motorcycle. But sadly, many motorcyclists are injured and killed on Texas roads each year. Motorcyclists face danger every time they drive. While the drivers of cars, trucks, and semis are protected by massive amounts of rubber and metal, a motorcyclist is exposed and… Read more

Young San Antonio Mother Killed by Drunk Driver

Disappointingly, drunk driving accidents are very common. Texas is one of the worst states in the country when it comes to drunk driving statistics. Yet while these accidents occur frequently, no matter how many times you read a story like the following one, it is truly heartbreaking. Just this week, a 26 year old mother… Read more

$79 Million in Fines for Bad Debt Collecting

The two largest debt buyers in the country recently faced massive fines for bad debt collecting practices. According to The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Encore Capital Group and Recovery Associates attempted to collect debt that was unsubstantiated or inaccurate. In addition, the companies also filed lawsuits against consumers without having the necessary documentation to prove… Read more

Motorcyclist Severely Injured in Accident

A San Antonio man was severely injured in a motorcycle accident that left both his legs severed. The horrifying accident took place on September 17, at the intersection of Loop 1604 and Wiseman Road. The man was riding his motorcycle alongside another motorcycle. They were approaching the intersection, and at the same time a pickup… Read more

Texas Mail Carriers at High Risk for Dog Bite Injury

For the United States Postal Service mail carriers, dog bites are a real on-the-job risk. In 2014, there were 5,767 reported incidents of letter carriers that had been bitten by a dog. In a survey done by the USPS, Fort Worth ranked 16th among the top 30 cities where a mail carrier is most likely… Read more