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Reckless Driving Abounds in Texas

It’s hard to believe, but of all the states, Texas was found to be the most lenient in terms of laws against reckless and speeding drivers, and punishing violators. These findings were concluded in a data project by WalletHub, a social media company that analyzes consumer financial and government matters. Not only does Texas not… Read more

Driverless Work Zone Trucks May Save Construction Workers’ Lives

Construction workers face danger daily in their jobs. The high number of hazards involved in this line of work can easily result in injury or death for these workers. Because of this, anything that can be done to keep these workers out of harm’s way and prevent accidents is worth looking into. Now, Royal Truck… Read more

Big Rig Roadside Inspections Fail to Enforce Rules

In Texas and across the country, truck inspection stations stop just a fraction of the hundreds of thousands of trucks that pass through. Inspectors look at how the loads are secured, brakes, lights, driver documentation, tires, and much more. Of the trucks that are stopped, about 21% violate safety rules enough that they are temporarily… Read more

Federal Study Says Big Rigs are Parking Unsafely

A survey by the Federal Highway Administration found that most states do not have enough parking for semi-trucks. Truck drivers are having difficulty finding parking spots every day, at all times of the day. 75% of truck drivers polled said that they consistently have a hard time finding a place to park when they need… Read more

Roads are Full of Older Trucks and Cars

According to IHS Automotive, the average vehicle in the US is 11.5 years old. This is a record high since the firm began tracking the average age of US vehicles back in 2002. People are keeping their vehicles longer due to quality and reliability, and for financial reasons as well. New car sales dipped drastically… Read more

Trucker Facing Criminally Negligent Homicide Charge

Semi-truck drivers must follow federal and state transportation codes when on the roads. These standards cover all aspects of hauling a tractor trailer: noise standards, weight regulations, drug testing requirements, hazardous material handling, truck parts requires for safe operation, hours of work, parking rules, and more. Violating these codes can result in disciplinary action, and… Read more

Truckers and Drugs- A Deadly Combo

Big rig truckers who drink alcohol or use illegal drugs before getting behind the wheel are a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. When an accident does occur, it is generally catastrophic for the other vehicle(s) involved. Most semi-truck drivers do not wish to endanger themselves or others, and refrain from using alcohol and… Read more

JPMorgan Chase Bank Fined $136M for Illegal Debt Collection Practices

Selling bad debt, robo-signing large quantities of documents without first verifying account information, providing inaccurate information to third-party debt collectors, and filing misleading lawsuits are some of the reasons JPMorgan Chase is facing hefty fines from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. JPMorgan Chase has been ordered to pay $136 million in fines to the CFPB,… Read more

Board of Education Improves School Bus Safety

Here in Texas, it is illegal to pass a stopped school bus that has flashing red lights or a stop sign out. But that doesn’t stop many drivers from doing so. In 2013, Texas Highway Patrol officers caught 566 people passing a stopped school bus. (Just think of all the drivers that DIDN’T get caught)… Read more

Baby Dies in Trucking Accident

When a vehicle and a semi-truck collide, it almost never ends well for the people in the vehicle. A semi-truck is so big and so heavy that anything it collides with doesn’t stand a chance. Often, the driver of the 18-wheeler is unharmed, while the passengers of the other vehicle often face life threatening injuries… Read more