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Texas Medical Malpractice Laws Under Review

Under the Texas Medical Liability Act, anyone who is assaulted or injured in any way in a healthcare setting is subject to the limitations and payment caps of a medical malpractice suit. This doesn’t make sense in many different situations, whether it’s a nurse who has been assaulted at work or an electrician who is… Read more

Dog Trainers in Texas Striving to Decrease Number of Dog Attacks

According to State Farm Insurance, dog-related injury claims in Texas decreased in 2014, dropping to 169 attacks from 209 attacks in 2013. But dog bites are a much bigger problem than that: according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs each year. Dog bites are a… Read more

Speeding Tickets: Cash Cow

Without the money generated by traffic tickets, most small towns could not afford a police department. In this way, small towns are all alike. Although the state of Texas can fine cities that obtain over 30% of their revenue from tickets, these audits don’t necessarily happen. David Viscarde, a former volunteer municipal court judge for… Read more

Debt Collectors with Criminal Pasts

How does it feel to know that some of the people who legally have access to your private financial information are people who have possibly committed crimes such as identity theft, check forgery, and other crimes? An investigation by a Minnesota newspaper found that there have been at least 743 criminal offenders registered as debt… Read more

Debt Collectors Often Cross the Line

There is a reason why people who have been contacted by debt collection agencies often start screening their phone calls. “Pleasant,” “understanding,” and “professional” are not terms generally used to describe a debt collector. The Center for Responsible Lending has issued a new report revealing inappropriate conduct and downright abusive behavior rampant within the debt… Read more

Not Every Injury Means “Defective Design”

When used properly, a product should not hurt or endanger its user. If injury or death does occur as a result of a faulty design or manufacturing flaw, the company must be held accountable. But if a product is simply used in a negligent manner, with the user ignoring warnings and disregarding instructions, the company… Read more

Texas Work Zone Accidents

The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) recently released the 2015 Work Zone Awareness Survey results. The AGC surveyed more than 800 contractors across the country to complete this survey. In several areas, Texas work zones were found to be more dangerous than the national average. The first question asked workers if there had been… Read more

Driving Without Insurance in Texas

The number of uninsured drivers on the road in Dallas County has gone up in the last few years. According to the Texas Department of Insurance, 1 in 6 Dallas County drivers have no insurance. That is over 16%! Across Texas, 14% of drivers are on the road without insurance. More than 2.5 million Texans… Read more

Higher Speed Limits for Trucking

There are many dangers of the road that we are all aware of every time we get behind the wheel. Anything like a flat tire, an inattentive driver, weak brakes, drunk drivers, or even a loose oil filter can become dangerous, given the right (or wrong) situation. It’s borderline impossible to know every single danger… Read more

State Senator Speaks Out on Texting Ban

In Texas, the problem of distracted driving is getting worse and worse. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, one fifth of all accidents in the state are caused by distracted drivers. In 2014 alone, distracted driving was involved in over 100,000 car accidents, 3,200 serious injuries, and 468 deaths. These accidents, injuries, and deaths… Read more