Federal Study Says Big Rigs are Parking Unsafely

A survey by the Federal Highway Administration found that most states do not have enough parking for semi-trucks. Truck drivers are having difficulty finding parking spots every day, at all times of the day. 75% of truck drivers polled said that they consistently have a hard time finding a place to park when they need to rest, even here in San Antonio. Not only is there a shortage of available parking spots for 18 wheelers, but most states do not provide information to truck drivers about where they can find parking.

Because of this problem, truckers end up doing one of two things: they either park somewhere unsafe, endangering themselves and others, or they continue driving in search of a parking spot, which can also endanger themselves and others. Truckers are limited as to how many hours they can drive at a time, so a trucker that has reached his or her hours, yet still can’t find a parking spot, is now driving illegally. Even worse, a big rig trucker who is driving longer than they are allowed is likely extremely tired, which puts other drivers on the road in great danger.  When an overtired truck driver falls asleep behind the wheel, it can mean devastation for nearby vehicles or pedestrians.

Trucking accidents are serious not only because heavy tractor trailers can cause so much physical damage, but because the insurance companies that represent trucking companies are VERY aggressive and tricky. These companies know how to avoid paying claims, and will do whatever it takes to avoid having to do so. If you or someone you know has been injured or killed in a trucking accident, speak with a trucking accident attorney immediately. These types of cases are extremely time sensitive, as trucking companies are only legally required to retain item such as log books and mileage records for a short time, and these items can be vital for evidence in your case.

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