Motorcyclist Severely Injured in Accident

A San Antonio man was severely injured in a motorcycle accident that left both his legs severed.

The horrifying accident took place on September 17, at the intersection of Loop 1604 and Wiseman Road. The man was riding his motorcycle alongside another motorcycle. They were approaching the intersection, and at the same time a pickup truck was attempting to make a wide U-turn. One of the motorcyclists was able to avoid hitting the truck, but the other collided with the truck, and was sent flying through the air 150 feet. He hit a road sign, and the impact severed both of his legs. Emergency workers were on the scene promptly, and the battered motorcyclist was taken via AirLife helicopter to the hospital, where he was in serious condition.

Just as in a semi-truck accident, where often the driver of the truck is minimally injured and the driver of the other vehicle generally faces severe injuries or death, a motorcyclist is extremely vulnerable when in an accident with any other vehicle. The drivers of cars, trucks, and 18-wheelers are protected by thousands of pounds of metal and rubber, while motorcyclists are extremely exposed, with only the helmet on their head and the clothes on their backs. While San Antonio Police are still investigating the accident, one thing is for sure: motorcyclists are at an extreme disadvantage on Texas roads. Each year, hundreds of motorcyclists and bicyclists are hurt on the roads, due to negligent drivers, distracted drivers, or drivers that simply don’t watch closely and pay attention to motorcycles.

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