Dog Attacks Remain a Big Problem for San Antonio

Stray dogs are a citywide nuisance that affect some areas of San Antonio more than others. The term “stray” is not entirely accurate; most of the dogs roaming our neighborhoods actually have homes, but their owners either don’t keep them properly contained or simply let the dogs wander freely. This is a problem, for both humans and dogs alike. People, especially children, out walking, running, and biking are all at risk of a dog attack. Dogs that live on the street commonly have diseases, some of which can be transmitted to humans. While there are many people out there who devote their time to taking in stray dogs and getting them back home or to a shelter, the problem of stray dogs persists.

According to Animal Care Services, there were 2,279 dog attacks reported between 2010 and August 2015 in District 5 alone, which encompasses portions of the South and West sides of town. In District 8, which covers more of northwest San Antonio, there are fewer dogs roaming the streets, but there were still 1,104 dog attacks reported during the same time period. Sharon Gregory, the office manager of Dodd Animal Hospital, says she regularly sees the people walking near her clinic on the East Side carrying bats and other weapons to protect themselves from a potentially vicious dog.

Some claim the problem exists because pet owners in certain areas lack the resources they need to properly care for their dog. While there may be many possible explanations as to why the stray problem persists, the bottom line is this: as pet owners, owners are responsible for their dog. If a dog is out wandering, whether the owner inadvertently or intentionally allowed it to happen, that owner is responsible for what happens. If the dog bites someone or attacks someone, the owner is responsible. Irresponsible, lazy dog owners are prevalent, and innocent people are injured by aggressive dogs far too often because of this. If you or someone you know has been bitten, attacked, clawed, or scratched by a dog, you may be able to collect damages from the animal’s owner. Contact a dog bite attorney today.

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