Driver “Doesn’t Care” That he Crashed Into Passing Motorcycle

In beautiful (and traffic congested) San Antonio, many people enjoy traveling by motorcycle. But sadly, many motorcyclists are injured and killed on Texas roads each year. Motorcyclists face danger every time they drive. While the drivers of cars, trucks, and semis are protected by massive amounts of rubber and metal, a motorcyclist is exposed and vulnerable. In the majority of accidents involving motorcycles, the vehicle driver claims not to have seen the motorcyclist. But in a recent shocking video that was taken with a motorcycle helmet camera, a car swerves to hit a passing motorcycle, and the driver of the car repeatedly says “I don’t care” following the accident, as the motorcyclist and his passenger lie injured on the side of the road.

Two motorcycles were out for a ride on a two lane rural road in North Texas. The tailing motorcycle was recording the drive with a video camera attached to his motorcycle helmet. The motorcycles sped up to pass a vehicle. The motorcycle in front went to pass again, and the car he was attempting to pass suddenly swerved hard to the left, crashing into the motorcycle and sending the driver and passenger tumbling across the road. The car that hit the motorcycle didn’t even brake right away, but eventually pulled over, farther down the road. The motorcyclist who was recording the whole event checked to see if his friends were ok, then approached the man who caused the accident. The man was in no hurry to get out of his vehicle, and seemed totally unconcerned about the woman and man lying on the side of the road. When the motorcyclist that approached him said, “You hit them!” The man said, “I don’t care.” He repeats this several times. The motorcyclist informs the man that he is on camera, and that the crash was captured on camera as well, and again the man says, “I don’t care.” Then, “I was stung by a wasp or something.” He claims that the pain of an insect bite caused him to swerve, and that he didn’t intend to hit the motorcycle.

In an interview with a news station, the man repeats his claim of an insect sting, but then he also says, “I knew there was no passing along there, and I thought it was someone acting like an idiot.” The man was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. This man was arrested in the past for making abusive phone calls to 911, reckless driving, and making a terrorist threat.

It’s horrifying that someone would intentionally crash into a motorcycle, and it’s a miracle that both riders survived the crash. If you or someone you care about has been injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, speak to a motorcycle accident attorney today.

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