OSHA Releases New Confined Spaces Rule

Workers who operate their jobs in confined spaces know how dangerous it can be. While not all of us are put under those conditions, it’s not hard to understand why they can be so dangerous.

OSHA mandates all kinds of rules to keep workers in all environments as safe as possible. While there already are mandates for employers to keep confined workspaces safe, OSHA released new rules pertaining specifically to the construction industry to increase safety and prevent around 800 injuries a year, according to OSHA.

construction workerUnder the new rules, construction companies are required to have everyone on the site discuss workplace safety in regards to confined workspaces. Such communication is vital to make sure everyone on site is aware of the dangers that occur and the precautions needing to take place when working in confined spaces. Also under the new OSHA rules, additional permitting is required to make sure companies are prepared to protect their workers’ safety in confined spaces. As part of the permitting, advanced atmospheric testing and written approval of a qualified engineer is required. The main goal of such permitting is to make sure the space is completely safe for worker entry and exit.

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Photo courtesy of Depositphotos.