Different Types of Construction Accidents

Working construction is one of the most dangerous common jobs in the United States. Construction companies go to great lengths to keep their team members healthy and safe by adhering to OSHA regulations of safety.

Unfortunately, construction accidents occur on a daily basis on jobsites across the country. It is important to know the different types of construction accidents that can occur on the job. We have outlined the most common types of injuries below.

  1. construction worker not getting in a construction accidentIndustrial Machinery Accidents: These occur when a construction worker is injured using a type of large industrial machinery. Causes for industrial machinery accidents include defective equipment, defective machinery and neglect.
  2. Slip and Fall Accidents: If an employee falls while working on the job due to unsafe working conditions like debris or fluids on the ground.
  3. Toxic Chemical Exposure: Construction jobs often requiring the use of volatile chemicals. If an employee or employer does not take the proper precautions they can be exposed to dangerous chemicals on their skin or inhaled through their lungs.
  4. Crane Accidents: Accidents that occur while operating a crane either to the individual operating the crane or individuals in the path of the crane.
  5. Scaffolding accidents: Fall protection is paramount to individuals who are working on scaffolding, it is important that employees are protected from falling from massive heights.
  6. Construction Site Fires: Fires can occur in a moment and spread rapidly if proper precautions aren’t taken.
  7. Cutting accidents: When operating heavy machinery construction workers are at risk of cutting themselves or others.
  8. Nail gun accidents: Nail gun accidents are surprisingly common. Be sure your workers have the proper training and equipment to operate nail guns.

These accidents can be mitigated by adhering to strict guidelines and a code of conduct for all employees on a construction site. If you are injured on the job it is absolutely essential that you report your injury immediately after it occurs and visit a hospital. The hospital will be able to take down a record of injury should you need for a future legal battle.

Photo courtesy of Depositphotos.