Why Should I Check my Driving Record

What is on my driving record?

Your driver record provides your basic information you can find on your driver’s license like your name and address as well as information on any tickets or driving violations you may have had.

Types of driving records in Texas

There are several different types of driving records that the Department of Public Safety provides
in the state of Texas.

  • cars driving on the highwayType 1 is a status record that contains your birth date, driver’s license status, address and the original application date of your driver’s license.
  • Type 2 is a 3-year history and it provides all the information from the type 1 record, as well as a list of all your traffic accidents, tickets moving and non-moving violations.
  • Type 2A is the same as a type 2 record but it is certified and can be used for official reasons.
  • Type 3 can only be accessed by you. It contains all of the information on your type 1 and type 2 record
  • Type 3A is the certified version of your type 3 record and can be used for official reasons like a defensive driving course.

Who can see my driving record?

The most common people that might request to see your driving record are your employers and your car insurance company. Potential employers may be interested in the number and nature of traffic violations you’ve had, whether you’ve been convicted of anything serious like a DWI, and your license status and whether it’s valid or suspended.

Car insurance companies you’re your driving records to determine your premium. Your record helps your insurance agent decide if you’re a high risk driver, and if you are, your premium will be higher.

How can I check my driving record?

You can order your driving record online. You’ll just need to provide your driver’s license number, date of birth, last four digits of your social security number and your DPS audit number.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia by KOMUnews.