Distracted Driving Accidents On the Rise

Distracted driving has been reported as one of the major causes of accidents in San Antonio, Texas. Rates of distracted driving accidents continue to go up each year as more distractions become available to drivers. There is only so much law enforcement can do to prevent these accidents, but there is something drivers can do: put away your phones while driving.

Distracted Driving Laws in San Antonio

police car pulling over people who are texting and drivingIn 2010 San Antonio lawmakers outlawed texting and reading text messages while driving. Accidents caused by distracted driving still continued to go up, so in 2014 the City Counsel also banned talking on and cellular device while driving. This prohibits the use on handheld phones to talk, play games and use the GPS.

In the first 11 month of the cellular device ban, The San Antonio Police Departments says they issued 10,500 citations for the use of handheld devices. Being aware of the hands free regulations can hopefully help you avoid an accident and will definitely help you avoid an unnecessary ticket.

  • Officers can now issue a citation for seeing you using a handheld device while driving. This includes texting, talking and using your maps application.
  • You may use your GPS system only if your device is affixed to your vehicle.
  • Police officers can give you a ticket up to $200 if they catch you on your phone.
  • “Keep ‘em on the wheel, San Antonio” is the name of the media campaign launched by the San Antonio
  • Police Department to inform the public about the ordinance.
  • Even if you’re at a stop sign, stop light or stuck in traffic you can still be fined for using your device while driving.
  • If you are legally parked, you may use your phone while in your car without being ticketed.
  • UTSA campus police officers can also give you a hands free ordinance ticket.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons by Socrate76.