Tips on Keeping Records After Personal Injury

Keeping records of your personal injury can seem overwhelming, especially after an injury. But it will benefit you and your case out in the long run. Having clear recall and evidence of what happened and how it affected you will make sure you get all the compensation you need and deserve after an accident. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, consider these tips on keeping the best records after a personal injury.

Keeping a personal injury journal

It’s a good idea to keep all of your records and recollections together in one place after an accident or an injury. A personal injury journal is a way to organize all of your evidence like photos and medical bills, along with your recount of what happened, your pain, injuries and how they affect your day-to-day life. Below are some of the things your journal should include:

Documentation of your injuries

Describe your suffering and pain in your own words. Write down how you felt at the accident scene, while you were in the hospital and every day after the accident. This will help your insurance and a judge understand how the injury has impacted your life. Be sure to make note of how each body part feels and whether it is limited in its movement and/or experiences pain during the course of normal social or work related activities.

Witness statements

Include the name and contact of any witnesses to the accident so that your attorney may contact them. You should also write down their statements and whether they can substantiate the facts of the accident, your pain and suffering, loss of wages, or any other consequences of your injury.

Records from doctors who treated you

Keep record of all the physicians you had to see, especially if your injuries required multiple visits of different specialists.

Medical records

Get copies of all of your medical records and medical bills. These will be important when determining your compensation.

Your feeling and emotions

In a personal injury case it is possible to get emotional compensation. Keep a journal of how your injuries had made you feel each and and describe the emotional toll they have had on you.

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