How to Prevent Personal Injuries in Your Haunted House

Haunted Houses can be the best part of Halloween; however, few remember the personal injury risks associated with setting up a spooky house of your own. If you have people walking through your haunted house, it will benefit you to read this. Follow these tips to be closer to avoiding a personal injury lawsuit.

  1. Keep your house clean! One of the most common personal injury cases is the slip and fall case. Make sure to keep all slip hazards as cleaned up as possible. If you require fake blood for a scare, be sure it’s out of the main path where someone can easily slip on it.
  2. Post signs when necessary. If something cannot be kept clean or out of the main path, be sure to post signs warning people of the fall hazard. It might ruin the moment of the scare, but it will prevent someone’s fall!
  3. Keep it ventilated. If you have fog machines or other things that may cause fumes, make sure your haunted house is well ventilated to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.
  4. Make sure the props are safe and functioning properly. Be sure your props don’t have any protruding elements that may poke or cut someone. Further, be sure to test all props prior to revealing them to the public. Doing so will ensure you avoid malfunctions that could cause injuries.
  5. Warn people before entering. Visitors who may have certain medical conditions, such as heart conditions, might not be the best customers for your haunted house if it’s too scary. If things are too terrifying, people with medical conditions may seek personal injury lawsuits if their conditions are aggravated by the fright.

All in all, haunted houses can be both safe and fun at the same time! Be sure to call your personal injury lawyers if you have any questions or fear you may be in danger of facing a personal injury lawsuit.