How are Dog Bite Cases Handled in Texas?

Although we hate to see anyone get injured by a dog, it’s a reality that happens far too often. It can be traumatizing for the victim as well as upsetting for the owner. This article breaks down the laws Texas has regarding dog bites and the rights victims and owners have in dog bite cases.

Texas Dog Bite Laws dog bite law texas

Arizona has specific laws regarding dog bite cases. In order to hold a dog owner liable, the injured party must show that the injury was caused by a dog bite and that the bite was suffered while the injured person was either in a public place or lawfully in a private place. This also only applies to injuries caused by dog bites, not other injuries that may have been caused by a dog.

Arizona’s liability law is a strict liability law, meaning that the law applies even if the owner didn’t know the dog was going to bite and even if the dog has never bitten anyone before.

Defenses to a Texas Dog Bite injury Claim

There are two defenses a dog owner can raise in Texas in a dog bite injury claim. They are provocation and trespassing. A dog owner is not liable if the dog was provoked. The injured person has to have done something a reasonable person would consider revoking. If the injured person was trespassing onto private property when they were bitten the dog owner will not be liable either. This is also an example of homeowner liability for trespassing injuries.