Tips for Reporting a Workplace Injury

Accidents can happen at any time in the workplace, whether it’s the result of an employee’s carelessness or the employer’s negligence. Finding blame in an accident isn’t always easy. If an employee is injured, employers are responsible for taking action to protect them from further harm or injury. Even if the accident was the employee’s fault, the employer or the entire company can be held liable. So how do you determine who’s really to blame?

The employer’s legal liability in a workplace injury

Employers are ultimately responsible assuring a safe and healthy work environment for their employees. They are responsible for accidents that occur in the workplace or on company time away from the workplace, such as training, employee travel, breaks and lunches. If an employer fails to maintain a safe workplace that is free from dangerous hazards it could result in citations, penalties and even a lawsuit.

Although employers must keep the work environment safe, they are not always legally liability for an accident. If the employer took all necessary precautions to ensure a safe work environment and an employee becomes injured at their own fault, the employee may not have a chance in winning a lawsuit. Employees are still responsible for making sure they are not doing anything that could potentially harm them.

The employee’s rights in a workplace injury

Employees do have several safety rights in the workplace. If they become injured at work or at a work event, they have the right to get immediate medical attention and even possible compensation from their employer. Employees also have the right to inspect their workplace for possible dangerous conditions and obtain test results pertaining to hazards that may have been found in the workplace.

Employees can purchase worker’s compensation insurance that will pay for medical expenses and lost wages that were a result of an injury in the workplace. Employees injured on the job usually receive worker’s compensation regardless of who was at fault for the incident.