What is Classified as a Personal Injury?

Personal injury accidents are caused when someone is injured because of the negligence of another person or entity. These cases are some of the most common legal actions taken in the United States every year. There are several different incidents that can be defined as personal injury accidents. The article below explains the different types of… Read more

How are Dog Bite Cases Handled in Texas?

Although we hate to see anyone get injured by a dog, it’s a reality that happens far too often. It can be traumatizing for the victim as well as upsetting for the owner. This article breaks down the laws Texas has regarding dog bites and the rights victims and owners have in dog bite cases. Texas Dog… Read more

Am I Always to Blame for My Dog Biting Someone?

When they say that “dog is man’s best friend,” it’s a little shocking just how true it is. The relationship between humans and dogs has literally shaped the evolution of an entire species. Tamed down from wild wolves over hundreds of generations, dogs are now so closely bonded with humans that they do things with… Read more