Most Common Workplace Injuries in San Antonio

Workers are injured in San Antonio all the time. In fact, work related injuries are one of the most common reasons residents find themselves in hospital emergency rooms and doctor’s offices. Even with employee safety training programs and an increased focus on workplace safety, the workplace continues to put workers at risk for injury. Most… Read more

What Does a Claimable Work Injury Entail?

If you have recently been injured while at work, you may be wondering if the injury will be covered by your worker’s compensation policy. Here are the basics on what is and what is not a claimable workplace injury. Injuries Not Covered with Workers Comp In general, if your injury was able to be treated… Read more

OSHA Releases New Confined Spaces Rule

Workers who operate their jobs in confined spaces know how dangerous it can be. While not all of us are put under those conditions, it’s not hard to understand why they can be so dangerous. OSHA mandates all kinds of rules to keep workers in all environments as safe as possible. While there already are… Read more