Workplace Injuries

When Texas workers are injured on the job, many of them rely on worker’s compensation to pay for their medical costs and lost wages until they recover.

Unfortunately, not every employer carries worker’s compensation insurance. Further, not every injury can be adequately compensated through worker’s compensation payments.

At Kerry H. Collins, P.C., I seek financial compensation for workers who have been injured while on the job in a variety of Texas industries. Contact us online today.

San Antonio Injury Attorney

Accident situations for which I provide representation include or involve the following:

  • Construction accidents, including falls and crushing incidents
  • Oil drilling
  • Natural gas fracturing injuries involving heavy equipment
  • Pipeline work
  • Refinery explosions
  • Factory equipment
  • Industrial equipment

‘Non Subscribers’ — When Employers Go It Alone

The term “non-subscriber” refers to employers that opt out of the Texas Worker’s Compensation program. Because these employers choose not to participate in the program, they can be held directly liable to pay damages instead.

A big problem with non-subscribers is that few carry insurance policies to cover their obligations to injured workers. As a result, employees who seek damages from non-subscribing employers must also hope their employer has the assets to cover the judgment in a successful worker’s compensation lawsuit.

Whether you were injured while working in an oil industry job near Dallas-Fort Worth or in a factory setting in one of the many bakeries or breweries in and near San Antonio, it is important that you secure competent legal advice.

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