Trucking Accidents

You and/or a family member are seriously injured after being hit by a Commercial Bus or a large 18 wheeler. The insurance Company immediately contacts you and tells you “They will take care of everything as soon as they complete their investigation.” Based on what the Bus or Trucking company told you, you should sit back and let them handle it because they told you they will take care of it right?

That could not be more WRONG and the worst decision you could make if you are injured by either of these types of vehicles. Commercial Bus and 18 wheeler cases are very different from a typical car collision. The company or the insurance company will already be out gathering evidence, talking to witnesses, mapping out the accident scene, talking to the investigating police officer in an attempt to get him to change or supplement his report to prove they were not at fault and therefore do not owe you anything.

There are specific State and Federal regulations that apply to Bus Companies and 18 wheelers that don’t apply to regular drivers that a Board Certified Personal Injury Attorney can explain and help you with in pursuing your claim. However, you need to make sure a letter is sent to the Bus Company or 18 wheeler company NOW to have them preserve all evidence such as log books, mileage records, etc., the 18 wheeler driver is required to have.

They are only required to keep these types of documents for a short period of time and then they will be DESTROYED! All the good evidence for you and against them will also be destroyed and they can legally claim they only kept them as long as the Law required.

Insurance companies are very aware that juries do not like big Commercial Buses or 18 wheelers that hurt people so they are VERY aggressive in defending and denying claims. Most insurance companies will even try to encourage you to not even talk to an attorney for this type of claim.

If you or a friend or family member have been injured by a Commercial Bus or an 18 wheeler DO NOT DELAY! Call me or email me NOW!