Motor Vehicle Collisions

The possibilities for motor vehicle accidents are almost endless. If a car, truck or other motorized form of transportation is moving, there is something — or someone — out there for it to hit.

Unsurprisingly, the types of injuries that victims of motor vehicle collisions suffer range the gamut of possibility, including blunt trauma injuries, burns, bruising and broken bones and permanent neurological injuries such as paralysis.

Our law firm has more than 27 years of experience fighting on behalf of clients who sustained injuries in motor vehicle collisions. Our experience can work for you.

Car Accident Lawyer in Fort Worth

‘Aggravated’ car collisions. I represent clients who have been involved in some of the most preventable accident situations involving the use of cellphones, texting, drugs and alcohol or other distractions and/or impairments.

Road rage collisions. Uncontrolled anger and emotion, especially when fueled by drugs or alcohol, can lead to drivers to cause collisions through aggressive driving or by using a vehicle as a weapon.

School zone collisions. Texas is getting serious about school-zone traffic violations. Our lawyer has years of experience in pursuing judgments against careless, reckless and even malicious drivers who have injured people in school zones.

Rear-end collisions. If you or someone you love was injured in a rear-end accident on a Texas roadway, I can assist you, or them, in pursuing a claim to attempt to recover your medical bills, lost wages, disability and other losses.

Intersection collisions. When car accidents happen at intersections, a driver or passenger can be struck with incredible force and can sustain catastrophic injuries due to blunt force and crushing. I understand the dynamics of intersection collisions and can use that understanding to secure a financial judgment or settlement.

Head-on collisions. Alcohol or drug use, aggression, distraction and other negligence can conspire to cause a head-on collision. I understand that you deserve compensation for your property damage and your potentially severe and debilitating injuries.

Motorcycle and bicycle collisions. Although not all motorists recognize it, both motorcyclists and bicyclists have legitimate rights on the road. If you were injured in a motor vehicle collision while riding a motorcycle or bicycle, I can fight for your just compensation.

A Guiding Hand … and Good Advice

As your experienced Fort Worth auto accident attorneys, I can guide you across the complicated legal landscape of personal injury law. Moreover, I can meet with you personally, advise you of your options and give you perspective on the legal issues you face, including:

  • Insurance issues after an collision
  • What to do after an auto accident

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