Slip & Fall Injuries

The scientific cause of a true “slip & fall” would be the lack of sufficient friction between the shoe or foot of the victim and the floor. Did you know that slip and fall accidents cause 15% of all accidental deaths, and are second only to motor vehicle accidents as a cause of accidental deaths.

It is the duty of an owner to exercise reasonable care in the maintenance of the premises and to warn a visitor of any dangerous conditions that are known, or should be known to him, if the conditions are not likely to be perceived by the visitor. If an owner, or his employees, knows that there has been a spill of a liquid in aisle 5 he must act responsibly to clean up the spill and to prevent visitors from walking through the spill.

Did you know that property owners are often responsible if someone falls on their property?

Property owners can be responsible:

  • If you fall on the sidewalk because of ice
  • If you fall because of a substance on the floor
  • If you fall down a staircase that does not have a proper handle or adequate lighting
  • If you fall due to an improper sales display
  • If you fall due to broker tiles
  • If you fall due to an uneven floor
  • If you fall due to improperly waxed floors

If you have been in an accident, try to record the exact location, take pictures, speak to managers and take the necessary steps to document exactly how your injury happened or take any relevant evidence. For example, if you fell on a banana peel then you should take it as evidence.

Do not grant interviews or give statements about the accident or your injuries until you have consulted with our firm first.

Do not endorse any check or sign any release without consulting with our firm.

For all of these reasons, probably the most logical step to take if a fall has produced an injury significant to you would be to contact our law office, so that an experienced personal injury attorney can review the case.