Road Hazards can Come into Play in Texas Auto Accidents

Who bears responsibility for a crash involving a roadway hazard?

The term “auto accident” is somewhat of a misnomer in that it implies an incident that occurred randomly and unavoidably, simply due to bad luck. In fact, the vast majority of motor vehicle collisions take place because someone was negligent – in order words, someone made a mistake.

Mistakes on the road that can lead to crashes come in many forms. Sometimes a driver violates another motorist’s right of way, or is distracted behind the wheel. Sometimes a driver is operating a motor vehicle when he or she should not be, as is the case in instances of drunk or unlicensed driving. Even when roadway hazards lead to a crash, it does not mean that responsibility cannot ultimately lie with someone who was negligent.

Weather conditions and debris can be problematic

There are numerous hazards that can present themselves on the road. Many of them are caused or dangerously exacerbated by negligent.

Ice or water on the road can decrease traction and increase stopping distances. Obviously there is little anyone can do to control the weather conditions. However, sometimes roads or bridges are negligently designed or maintained, which can cause water or ice to build up in places it normally would not. In such instances, the entity responsible for the road may have to provide compensation to the victims of a car crash that arose out of the unfavorable conditions.

Highway upkeep can likewise be an issue when it comes to debris left on the road that is not cleared in a timely fashion. Improperly secured cargo loads are one common source of roadway debris, and the person or entity responsible for loading the cargo may bear responsibility for a collision that results from debris that tumbles off a truck. The issue with debris is not just that foreign objects can directly impact vehicles. In attempting to swerve to avoid debris, drivers can sometime negligently cause a crash.

A car crash lawyer can help you pursue all potential avenues of compensation

When it comes to liability for a car crash involving roadway hazards, holding those who created the hazards responsible is not always the end of the story. Drivers may react – or fail to react – to a roadway hazard in a negligent manner, placing some of the blame for a crash on their shoulders.

Motor vehicle crashes involving roadway hazards are often more complicated than they initially appear. Someone may have created the hazard, failed to remove the hazard or reacted poorly to the hazard. An experienced Texas car crash lawyer can analyze the unique facts of your case and advise you on whether another person or entity may bear liability for resulting damages. Get in touch with a car crash lawyer to explore the legal remedies that may be available to you.

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