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Q: I was stopped at a red light and was hit in the rear by a large company truck. The day after my accident I was contacted by phone by several people that said they could get me a lawyer. I don’t know any lawyers so is this a good way to hire an experienced lawyer for my case?

A: Absolutely not. It sounds like these people that contacted you were “runners” for the lawyers. A “runner” hangs out at the police station or listens to a police radio to “run” to accident scenes or hospital rooms to encourage victims to sign contracts with attorneys. They also pay for police reports and then call you repeatedly or even show up at your house with offers to get you “free” medical treatment and offer to get you to a lawyer. Not only is it unethical for an attorney to “run” cases but in Texas it is also illegal.

Personal injury claims, particularly in Texas, are much too specialized for someone who does not handle these cases regularly. You should be aware that the insurance companies who defend personal injury and accident cases know who the attorneys are in your area who actually go into court to try cases and who do not. The insurance companies use that information to help evaluate their risk. One of the first questions some insurance adjusters will ask when a serious claim comes in is: who is representing the Plaintiff? I’ve heard insurance defense lawyers laugh as they head for trial against one of these non-personal injury attorneys! It’s like shooting fish in a barrel for them. If this information is important to the insurance company, shouldn’t it be important to you?

How do you find out who in your local community is the best for your case? There are certain questions to ask that will lead you to the best person for your case no matter what type of claim you have. You need to hire a specialist. You need to hire a Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer.

If you have any questions or would like one of my free lists on what to look for when choosing a Lawyer and the questions to ask when you contact a Lawyer please feel free to e-mail my office.

*Kerry H. Collins is Board Certified in Personal Injury
Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization