MVA Ice Conditions

Q: I was driving my truck slowly on the ice recently when another car slammed into me and knocked me into another car and totaled my truck. I was injured and now the Insurance Company is denying they are liable claiming the wreck was caused by an Act Of God due to the ice. Can they do that?

A: Welcome to the wonderful world of dealing with the outrageous acts of Insurance Companies. They can and will claim anything

they can dream up to try to get you to drop your claim. If it were truly an Act Of God that caused the other driver to start sliding and hit you why weren’t you and every other car on the road sliding also? Did you lose control before you were hit? No! Did the other car you hit lose control before it was hit? No! Obviously this other driver was doing something different like driving too fast for the icy conditions that caused them to hit you. You should contact a Board Certified Personal Injury Attorney to discuss your case with you and to explain all your alternatives.

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*Kerry H. Collins is Board Certified in Personal Injury
Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization