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Q. I was recently in an automobile collision and was very shook up. I didn’t realize I was hurt so we just exchanged information and left the scene. Now I am hurting and the phone number I was given for the person that hit me does not work.

A. Unfortunately unless you have other identifying information or witnesses, you may have to file on your own insurance. I have seen this same circumstance way too many times. When a collision happens so suddenly, you are very upset, can’t think straight and generally feel embarrassed to be blocking traffic. You just want to get out of there and get home as soon as possible. Then your neck or back starts hurting and won’t quit and you don’t have the necessary information you need to make a claim against the at fault driver. When you are involved in an automobile collision you need to gather as much information and/or photographs as you can.

However, this is very hard to do when you are shaken up after a car wreck. That is why I have created a free Android and iPhone Application (APP) and a free Accident Information Card. My free APP is an easy way to obtain all the information and take photographs and store it while you are still at the scene. If you prefer, the free Accident Information Card also has plenty of space to list all needed information.

Download my free APP on your Android or iPhone so that you will have all the tools at your disposal should you be involved in an automobile collision.

If you have any questions or would like one of my free ACCIDENT INFORMATION CARDS please feel free to e-mail my office at or You can also call me at 817/335-9700.

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