MVA Ran Red Light

Q: My wife and I were injured when a driver ran a red light and hit us. The police put the other driver completely at fault. Do we need to hire a lawyer? Isn’t the other driver’s Insurance Company going to treat us fairly since it is clear we were not at fault?

A: The answer is NO to both questions! You do not need to hire a lawyer to handle your own claim. However, understand you are

at a severe disadvantage in the claim process because you are dealing with an adjuster that has been trained in how to deny and delay payment on your claim and is very experienced in dealing with claims like yours. You do not have that experience. Remember, Insurance Companies make money by either denying claims completely or by paying as little as possible on each claim.

And NO they won’t treat you fairly. They have no reason to. In fact, some of the tricks they will use in handling your claim are:

  • Require you to provide unnecessary information. Intentional delay.
  • Dispute your medical treatment.
  • Nickel and dime the medical charges.
  • Tell you that you have to give a recorded statement. Promising to take care of you.
  • Arguing that you could not have been hurt in this “fender bender”.
  • Arguing you are partially at fault.

There are many other matters you need to be aware of when trying to handle your own claim. I have written a free Book entitled TEXAS AUTOMOBILE INJURY HANDBOOK that explains in detail what the typical claim involves; what you need to do to properly handle your claim and what to look out for when dealing with Insurance Companies.

If you have any questions or would like one of my free books entitled TEXAS AUTOMOBILE INJURY HANDBOOK or a free ACCIDENT INFORMATION CARD please feel free to e-mail my office.

*Kerry H. Collins is Board Certified in Personal Injury
Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization