MVA Spouse

Under Stress with Loved One, Having to Make Claims Decisions

Q: My wife was severely injured in an automobile collision. She is in the hospital. I have already started getting calls from the insurance company for the truck that hit her demanding that I have to do a whole bunch of things for them before they will consider her claim. I don’t know what I should or have to do. Where can I get some of my questions answered without just relying on the other person’s insurance company?

A: First of all I hope your wife gets better soon. Insurance companies love to try to take advantage of people in the claims process. They really like to tell you that you have to do all sorts of things before you have a chance to talk to an attorney. Most insurance companies will even try to encourage you to not even talk to an attorney before settling the claim. They use fear “The lawyer will take one-third of this check we’re about to pay you just for talking to them” to talk you out of getting good advice. All insurance companies know that if you hire a good, qualified lawyer the value of your case increases dramatically. If not, why would they care if you hired a lawyer?

However, you may not need an attorney to represent you in your case! No one, however, should settle a case without understanding the claims process and how insurance companies work to try to pay as little on your claim as possible.

I have written a free Book entitled TEXAS AUTOMOBILE INJURY HANDBOOK that explains in detail what the typical claim involves; what you need to do to properly handle your claim and what to look out for when dealing with Insurance Companies. Also, download my free APP on your Android or iPhone so that you will know what information to get at the scene should you be involved in an automobile collision.

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